Up, Up, and Away!

Watch as Joyce Crane lifts these tank cars up, up, and away!

Joyce Crane proudly serves a wide diversity of industries and clients, ranging from refineries and petrochemical to power generation and construction. We also work with a variety of other clients, including municipalities like the city of Longview, for which we recently relocated two firefighter-training tank cars. 

Longview is home to one of the only two firefighter tank training schools in the United States, but the training facility’s location within a residential neighborhood had long been problematic. When the city decided to relocate the 45,000- and 105,000-pound tank cars, they contacted the heavy-duty lifting and rigging experts at Joyce Crane. 

In a strategically coordinated tandem lift, two of our cranes safely lifted and set these massive tank cars onto two trucks for transportation to their new location where firefighters will continue to train on them. The old location will be revitalized and incorporated into the city’s existing parks system, benefitting area residents.

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